Sunday, April 21, 2013

Painting on Texture

We made reusable texture boards for painting using a variety of pasta, cotton balls, kidney beans and coffee beans. This project was inspired after my preschoolers painted over a collaborative collage. The coffee beans added a lovely olfactory experience!

Preschoolers help make the boards.

Cotton balls after painting.

Coffee Beans
Cotton balls and pasta are all on my school supply list for the beginning of the school year. I acquired the card board from another teacher who was throwing it out. I am really about using as much recycled materails as possible. My preschoolers will repaint these boards over and over again. 

Ideas for the future: I want to try this with medium size boxes. Anything can be applied. I was thinking of using plastic lids next! I will post pictures with that experience.

Keep on keeping on!
Ashley C. Perron

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