Friday, April 5, 2013


Welcome to the wonderful teaching world of Ashley C. Perron. I am excited to share the creative spirit of my preschool friends with the world. As I have stated on my Open Ended Artistic Expression page, I believe it is my job (as an adult) to provide the space in which preschoolers are to create and work. I am a provider of materials, they are the creators. My Early Childhood Sprinkles blog is to celebrate and honor the creative process that is developed through true play, untouched by adults.

Now is the moment to be bold. Now is the moment to let children explore and discover. We need to fight for play, we need to demand that our children play, we need to give children the chance to take risks, problem solve and make mistakes. Learning happens in play.

Thank you for visiting my blog. In the coming weeks I intend to post resources that I draw from, activities from my own classroom and items that inspire my teaching.

Keep on keeping on,

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