Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nature In Action

I wanted to introduce you to Corndog the Big Shark III. Yes, I have decided to dabble, once again, in the world of classroom pets. I am actually excited about this endeavor. Even though it is only Tuesday, my students have been engrossed with watching the fish and watching as our butterflies emerge from cocoons. It has remined me about the important role nature plays in development.  Children just want to be outdoors!

So, with my renewed spirit, I applied for a pet grant from Pets In The Classroom. I hope my application is granted for a white tree frog! Even though my heart was saying, 'get a pet mouse," I decided to be logical and start with a simpler animal. This is mostly because even though the mouse is cute and I fell in love with a spotted one at the pet store, I don't know if I will actually be able to handle having a mouse. It is a mouse after all!

Take a look at Pets in the Classroom webpage. There are many different options available and the application was super simple. 

Keep on keeping on,

Ashley C. Perron

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