Thursday, May 30, 2013

Staying Busy

Though it has been a short week because of Memorial Day, we have been busy at preschool. I wanted to share a couple of really fun activities that are keeping my preschoolers engaged! It has been a wet spring in Minnesota and we have been having fun coming up with new activities to stay busy inside when it is wet outside.

Playing with our feet!

A parent donated a kiddy pool today. Of course we immediately filled it with pom poms, stripped off our shoes/socks and danced. They loved the sensory experience and squishing the pom poms between their toes. Many enjoyed rolling around in the pool. Tomorrow I am thinking noodles!

Fancy Jewelry
 Students were given a simple circle with a hole and all sorts of open ended materials. Look at what one student created. The creative juices were flowing.

ABC Picture Sort

I had some students spend an entire hour sorting pictures by beginning letters. I simply taped down sticky notes to the table. The pictures are images I pulled from the internet; any picture or flashcard set would work. Students sorted around sixty images. On the following day, I put out lowercase letters at the table. Way to go!

Keep on keeping on!
Ashley C. Perron

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  1. That is some amazing fancy jewelry! Maybe this student was inspired by the awesome fashion sense of his/her teacher!