Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fairy Garden

Happy Summer,

Transitioning from the school year to summer programming has kept me busy and away from Early Childhood Sprinkles. Sorry for being MIA! I have some fun activities to post next week, but right now I must tell you about the fairy garden that my students have been working on. They are determined to capture a fairy. I need to give a shout out to Abrahamson Nurseries of Stillwater, Minnesota for donating oddles of flowers and herbs for our fairy garden. My preschoolers loved all the colors and textures. The plants were beautiful. Thank you Abrahamson Nurseries for your generosity.

This is the official fairy garden. It was created in a salad table and stands about 2.5 feet above the ground. We chopped the original legs and now it is the perfect height for students.
This is the Enchanted Rosemary Forest; mint was also planted in the fairy garden. Students love smelling the different herbs. I am planning to put sprigs of rosemary in our water table later this summer.
Here is a fairy that was caught out in a rain storm. It was created out of clothes pins and feathers. Students have also added pebbles and clear stones to make the fairy garden fancy. Painting rocks are keeping many students busy and a perfect addition to our daily finger painting station.

Starting next week, I am planning to leave special notes from the fairies in the garden. I know the preschoolers are going to be hooked. I need to figure out some sort of mailbox system. No worries, I will post more photos as the fairy garden progresses.

 Preschoolers potted their own fairy gardens to take home.

Keep on, keeping on!
Ashley C. Perorn

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