Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fun with Tin Cans

We had a fun musical adventure today at preschool. We painted tin cans to make wind chimes. My preschoolers turned all the cans into musical instruments after the paint dried. They were super excited to make music and sing their spring concert songs. There were lots of giggles. The various can sizes provided a range of sounds as wooden sticks were used as mallets. Yea for spontaneous moments of excited play.

 All lined up and ready to play.

When we finish the wind chimes, I will post a picture. I recommend using BioColor paint and sealing the paint with Mod Podge. The BioColor paint adheres to the tin better than cheaper paint. Acrylic would probably be best, but we are too messy in my preschool classroom for that endeavor.

Keep on keeping on,

Ashley C. Perron

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