Sensory Play

Shaving cream, glitter and muffin tins! That's it.

Finger painting on crumpled aluminum foil. The slimy paint plus the ridges from the foil made contrasting textures. Add dollar store hair gel for an extra slippery texture, plus hair gel typically has a floral smell.

Yucca/Tapioca Exploration

I cannot claim brilliance behind this idea because I saw it on Pinterest, but it was the coolest tactile sensory experience. Thank you Samba Taste of Brazil in Hopkins, MN for the yucca. You can find yucca at any grocery store.

It is starchy, but the yucca never breaks down all the way. The pearls stay as little balls and continues to take on different colors.  Since my classroom is full day, we were able to leave out the materials and continue our explorations in the afternoon after resting.

All you need to do is add water.
Students were able to mold the sticky pearls.

Students explored mixing secondary colors--orange, purple & green.
The yucca pearls never broke down.

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