Open Ended Art Expressions

There is never enough glue, tape, paint, glitter or stickers! Allow children the freedom to create. Allow children the chance to take risks with their art. Allow children the opportunity to fully express themselves without adult interference. It is the role of teachers and parents to provide materials; children have the responsibility to create and discover. Do not express your liking of a child's artistic creation. Ask the child, "do you like it?" Art is about satisfying one's own desires not those of outsiders.

Pipe cleaner sculptures!

Collaborative Classroom Collage

 This collage, above and below, has been six months in the making. It started as cardboard has been painted and painted on. Then the preschoolers have added and glued to the board for three months. We recently started to paint over the glued items for a new look as you can see below.

We painted on the collage! It turned out so cool. The preschoolers cannot wait to paint and paste on it soon! The metallic effect was achieved by adding gold and silver paint to the regular colors. Also, dollar store hair gel also stretched the paint for this project.

 Potato mashers and scrub brushes were used to create these prints.
 Swirly fingers!
Vegetables for painting utensils.

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